Stay True for Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.19.1 and 1.19

Stay True for Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.19.1 and 1.19, is responsible for modifying some of the textures in a subtle way, and without destroying the game experience. That is, your changes will not affect all elements or creatures in the game.

Therefore, the changes made by this texture pack are not drastic, and will fit perfectly with the current Minecraft theme. For example, the wooden blocks will be much more colorful and realistic, something desired by the community.

Stay True is not a simple texture pack, since since its first version, the creator has tried to improve the graphics, but without breaking the “vanilla” experience of Minecraft. Moreover, the changes will not be at all as drastic as with other thematic texture packs.

Of course, although not all textures have been modified, players will have the ability to visualize biomes and locations much more beautiful to the naked eye. Among other places, meadows will have even more vivid colors, and for example, wheat will have much more realistic textures.

Some images of Stay True

More information about the main features of Stay True

Stay True will be able to improve the default graphics of Minecraft, but without destroying the vanilla experience of the games. This is due to the subtlety of its changes.

  • All changes have been thought to add much more diversity to the game, eliminating the repetitiveness used by the creators in the creation of some textures. This will give an even better and more realistic, and overall pleasing appearance.
  • The use of OptiFine is essential to appreciate some of the new features, mostly related to the visualization of trees and their leaves.

Creator of Stay True: haimcyfly.

How to download and install Stay True?

  1. Download OptiFine for the desired version (recommended).
  2. Download Stay True for the same version.
  3. Install OptiFine and open Minecraft with the previously downloaded version of OptiFine.
  4. Close Minecraft and open the search bar.
  5. Type %appdata% and open the folder named “.minecraft”.
  6. Inside it, create the “shaderpacks” folder.
  7. Insert Stay True in the folder created earlier.
  8. Run the Minecraft launcher and select the version of OptiFine installed.
  9. Go to “options”, inside to “resource packs” and select “Stay True”.
  10. It is now possible to play with the desired textures!

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