New Age (ModPack) for Minecraft 1.19.3

New Age (ModPack) for Minecraft 1.19.3, incorporates mods with the objective of modifying the gameplay and experience of the games. In fact, most of the mods are based on older stages of history.

Under no circumstances will it add futuristic elements, but will rather add features related to a medieval style, as well as more immersive music. In addition, most of its features will be customizable.

The “New Age (ModPack)” has a different philosophy than usual in this type of modifications, since in this case, the game experience will change completely. For example, players will have the possibility to make use of a new third person, with great visual improvements.

Of course, we must not forget the hundreds of new biomes, as well as the great variety of creatures (both peaceful and hostile) and even the new dimensions. In any case, most of the content will be related to the medieval, that is, to the most ancient stages of history.

Some images of New Age (ModPack)

More information about New Age (ModPack) features

New Age (ModPack) greatly modifies the gameplay of the games, making the players live a much more immersive experience, and with an appearance closer to the past than to reality.

  • In addition, it will be possible to make use of three different versions, each with a different amount of mods, something that will make it more suitable depending on the type of device.

Creator of New Age (ModPack): lupiiin_.

How to download and install New Age (ModPack)?

  1. Download Forge for the desired version.
  2. Download New Age (ModPack) for the same version.
  3. Install Forge and open Minecraft with the previously downloaded version of Forge.
  4. Close Minecraft and open the search bar.
  5. Type %appdata% and open the folder named “.minecraft”.
  6. Inside it, create the “mods” folder.
  7. Insert New Age (ModPack) in the folder created above.
  8. Run the Minecraft launcher and select the version of Forge installed.

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